Hey guys. I'm currently traveling in South-East Asia and I'm flying back to the states around Jan-Feb. I want to dedicate some time to playing live where ever and whenever I can get out there and gain some experience. I've never played at a major live junction before. Biggest group has been like 50 people or so.

I was thinking on flying to Seattle at first. But now I'm not quite sure if I should go elsewhere like LA, Eugene, Portland, San Fran...etc..

I live in Miami normally, but I want to do things outside first and gain something before I go back.

Any suggestions? I play all kinds of music...usually indie/folk/experimental. Thanks!
Austin, Texas is seriously your best bet. They have live music playing all the time, and plenty of great bands and talent have come from the area.
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go to New York, it's the birthplace of Punk, and Birmingham (the proper Birmingham) is the birthplace of Heavy Metal
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Well, I'm going to New York later on next year anyway since my brother lives there. So, I'm stratching that one. Austin sounds good. I am trying to stay on the west coast as much as possible. LA is too crazy. San Fran, too expensive. That's why I was thinking Seattle. It's quiter and has a great music scence from what I heard. But I'm still open to any suggestions!!!
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Going to Seattle the 20th of October and staying till December!
Thanks guys!

There are so many music conservatories here and promotions for a very diverse range of music. There are concerts almost every night, many of them for free.

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New York, Seattle (80's/90's), LA, DC are historical places for the punk scene, some are still big, but right now the biggest punk scene in North America is Austin Texas (imo)

I know **** all about european punk, except I like most of what I hear

Montreal has a DECENT up & coming punk scene, lead by bands like The Ripcordz, The Brains, and The Sainte Catherines, some good little local bands as well SiNglEiGitTIQ?, The Terrorists, Ominous Monsta, Team Canada, and a few bands that I don't know the name of. (those are my band, and a few friends of mine bands)
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i wish i could go
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