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as the title states, how do you pronounce it?

its such an obscure spelling, almost as strange as my girlfriends name SIOBHANN which is pronounced "she-vaun"
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i actually thought this kid was being serious... haha, silly me...
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Or huge gay, whatever.

And Siobhan isn't that strange a name, I have a friend whos name is Olujimi Olujibodu
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Seriously, the y is silent.
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This post is full of win.
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"YNGWIE? im just gonna cal you jeff"- my stupid friend
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I've heard someone pronounce it as Yah Way before...what a complete ****-tard. Anywho, the proper pronunciation that I've found is Ing-Vay
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I've heard someone pronounce it as Yah Way before...what a complete ****-tard. Anywho, the proper pronunciation that I've found is Ing-Vay

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I usually pronounce it as Ing-vee.

...Who cares, just call him Malmsteen.
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Cobain_Is_King, bravo.

That is THE funniest thing I've EVER heard all 27 minutes that it's been Friday where I am.
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You're all wrong.


I'm scandinavian btw
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edit : I was at one of his shows., and the the band came out to speak to the fans.. apart from Yngwie. He sat in the van eating the pizza from pizza hut he ordered. True story.

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i can only keep it up for about 30 seconds before my fingers cramp up =[

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i pronounce it ingwee
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Dunkin Donut.

But seriously,Ink-Vai.
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i lol'd fairly hard.

thank you
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