Im looking for a new amp. My budget is 600bucks, no more. I've been playing for almost 3years and I play metal. I need distortion like Pantera and Bullet for My Valentine. Oh, and nice cleans would be nice, I dont absolutely need it. But it'd be nice. Oh, Im also looking to hopefully get a tube amp.
Bugera 333xl or 6262
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Used RG50tc, used Mesa F-30, and what Moose45 said. Maybe a used 5150 depending on how good of cleans you need.
B-52 AT112...Amazing Cleans...Amazing Gain...Its the amp for you...I promise...
Quote by forsaknazrael
Randall RG50TC. Brand new, costs 550 USD.

Yea I guess a used one isn't needed in this case. My bad, played it, great amp.