Im semi-tired of only playing metal day in and day out, so I was thinking about some Jazz. But since I dont know any common jazz chords or scales I thought maybe you could help me out.
Anyone knows any ( or many ) jazz chords/scales?
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in jazz you can use modes mostly dorian or mixo but all the others too. Jazz players also solo with the harmonic and melodic minor scales and some modes to change it up. They use like every chord there is mostly super complex ones, 7ths, 9ths, 11ths, 13ths, sus2, sus4, altered 5ths, 6/9s, basically every chord that you can make so its alot to learn. They most common jazz chord changes is the II to V to I progression
You should probably start by getting yourself a basic jazz chord book online or at the music store. There are many out there. Then what you can do to start out is play some blues progression (preferably with a playalong like Jamey Aeborsold) and work in some of these basic jazz chords into your playing. You'll start out playing dominant chords and ninth chords and minor sevenths. These are not hard and once you find out how to play them, its quite easy to jam with these chords along with the playalongs.

I was a huge metal head growing up in high school and college and although still love the music and often throw in my old Metallica and Maiden Cd's into my CD player, I started seriously studying jazz and now I mainly play that. I am working on a fusion metal project because I still love rock and metal but it is cool to be a part of both styles. Jazz is very cool. My one advice though is don't worry about what other people say is great jazz, you should survey different jazz albums and artists and decide for youself what you like and don't like. There is a lot of jazz out there that I don't like and think is boring but I know now after many years what I like and what is exciting to me. Check out my website and youtube pages to hear and see me play jazz. Thanks. good luck.
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