I wanted to know if it comes with the power cord to plug it into the wall or do I have to buy it seperatley
You realize all amps come with chords to plug into the wall...?
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yes it does
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I'd skip the Cube 15, honestly, if you haven't bought it yet.
It's not that good.

Either grab the Microcube or the Cube 30. These ones have COSM modeling, which is what makes the Cube series sound good. The 15 and 20 models lack COSM modeling.

Listen to this man, Im stuck on whether i should just buy a 30w or wait until i get an extra 80 and buy the 60w.

Microcubes and 30w sound much better.
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get a 30 or 60, theyre much better, and yes, they come with a power cord.
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