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I have a MIM Strat that plays great with a lot of mods I've done, but I don't like the way the back of the neck feels, especially when I'm gigging and my hand is sweating. Is there a safe way you could recommend me to sand the back of my neck evenly to remove the finish so it doesn't get destroyed? (which tools,grade of paper, etc...)

Also how would I treat the wood after it's sanded to protect it.
well first of all how would you know you're through the finish? anyway, do you want the neck to have a satin finish or a gloss finish or a tung-oil finish?
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Start with 320, then 400, sand till you get to wood, then do a quick pass with 600 to make it really smooth.. Then apply tung oil (pure tung oil, none of those preservatives and crap) as per the directions.
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Is there a way or a tool or gauge for the back of my modern C strat neck so it's not uneven?
320 will take forever and will clog up very fast, I'd suggest starting with 200 then working you way up from there.
Thanks, but what tools? Is there a special tool to grab the contour of the back of the neck to get it sanded evenly?
With those grits of sandpaper, you should only be able take the paint off, and not start altering the shape of the wood. Just make sure that once you see wood, you don't sand there again.

If you're really worried, get a contour gauge.

Im gunna go with what ive heard before when people have asked this and say use some 000 steel wool on the back of the neck until its really smooth.