This is the very first song I wrote, and it's still the first version of it. I understand it needs to be altered a bit here and there, but I wanted some advice. I know this isn't anywhere near a lyrical masterwork, so feel free to give constructive criticism.

Singing songs about forgotten wars,
The only remains are the hidden scars,
Always ignored by everyone,
Talking about it is just not done,
People just keep their blindfolds tight,
Letting others decide what’s wrong or right,
Making decisions might be hard,
But think about the ones that got (get?) scarred,

A million lives on stake, every day,
This is just the way how it goes,
All the good things are now past because nothing will last,
But there’s always an anti-hero, which fights for your rights,

Now it’s the anti-hero’s time,
People have nothing to lose, can only gain,
Now the anti-hero fight crime,
There won’t be anymore pain.