I got my hands on an old SUNN mustang "fender".

now I wanted to know more about it so I start looking on the internet...

... wich seems to be a problem since I almost can't find anything reliable about it.

for so far this is what I make up from all I've readed so far:

SUNN was a compagnie wich made cheaper amps, in 1985 it was bought by fender and under that license it made guitars -SUNN mustang- (with a small fender logo with it).
The guitars are made in india, and the production stopped in 1990. the guitars were ment as studant guitars, but are of good quality in comparison to the prize (solid body, good sound etc etc...), since they are no longer made these guitars are rare and thus raise in prize.

now... I post this here because I don't know that what I've read is true and if there is someone to confirm this or who can provide more / true info I'd be thankfull.

greetings spekke

(I might upload pictures later)
My school has one, it looks ancient and its beat up to hell, it sounded terrible as well.
Post pics!
I never knew Sunn made guitars... According to Wiki, they were ultimately bought by Fender and stopped production in 2002. Says nothing about guitars, however :S
SUNN even made a bass guitar

can't post pics the coming days but the guitar doesn't look special actually, it's a strat model with a headstock more to the 'ibanez' shape, and on that headstock it says:

SUNN mustang -then in small letters next to it- Fender

@Cobain_Is_King: there could be different explenations why that guitar sounded crappy but from what I have read it has a good strat sound and it's very solid

here are reviews about it:


ps: even if it sounds crappy it's still a collectors item to hang on my wall since it's out of production and rare
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There was one I came across at ebay selling for $100, so I don't think they are anything special.
maybe it's indeed worth ****... but still, if I read those reviews they say it's a good guitar, and maybe that person didn't knew the true value of it and he just thought that it was some bad guitar... also I noticed that not all SUNN guitars have a fender logo on the headstock and that the headstock on this one differents from the others since most have a classic 'fender' headstock...

here's a picture (sooner then I thought )

maybe they'll increase in value as they grew older and become more rare... who knows
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Wow, that looks great compared to my schools one, it really is beat up to buggary. It has a classic Fender style headstock with SUNN Mustang on it; different font, no horse.
I just noticed it has a number on the backside of the headstock (maybe a registery number like the real fenders)


but I checkt on the fender site and couldn't find anything... and the only official SUNN site goes about customer support only since they don't produce anymore
maybe I should send a mail to them... so I get to know from what year it is etc
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