So I have a gt-8 but the amp models don't mesh too well with my ac-15, which is too loud for evening bedroom practice anyway. I'm out for an SS amp on the smaller side (say no more than 30W, if even that) and portability is significant. I like the roland cube-20x and its price, but since I have the gt-8 I figure it'd be more versatile and similar to the cube if I just got some keyboard/small pa+speaker rig. I looked around online and I found the roland cm-30 powered monitor and I want to know if this would be a good mate for my gt-8? Is there anything else in that price range (<$200) that would be satisfactory or a good replacement? Thanks.
GT8 --> Line In on soundcard. That's what I do with the Tonelab. Best practice rig ever.
These go to eleven...
why don't just get a pretty good or high-wattage amp and one with either 10 or 12" speaker?.. then buy a headphone.. that way, you won't have to worry bout the sound since only you can hear it.. and you can use it also for gigs or band practices.. well, it's just a suggestion man.. i also don't know if the effects would sound well on the headphones.. anyway.. cheers!

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I don't want to plug it into my PC because the speakers are inadequate and if I wanted to play through headphones I would plug them into the headphone out on the gt-8. What I want is a small SS amp or PA+speaker combo that is easy on the wallet and sounds at least decent with the gt-8 and I'm open to your suggestions.
I was wondering the same thing as I am thinking of getting a gt-8 for a practice rig, apparently a keyboard amp works well so i was thinking something like the Roland KC-60 might work? the roland jazz chorus is meant to be the best amp to use it with so if you could find a small second hand one like a jc-55 or somin that might work.
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I have an old 80's ROLAND DAC-50XD SS amp that is amazing and works beautifully with my ME Korg Toneworks pedal. It doesn't have an effects loop but running it in the front door works GREAT! It has amazing "cleans" - almost like a Jazz Chorus - loads of built-in effects and loud enough to break all the windows even on 5...

Best Solid State amp I ever owned as far as cleans go. It has GAIN, MASTER VOLUME, VOLUME, 3 Bands of EQ (bass, treble, and mid) and a presense knob too - pretty fair distortion on it's own but when I pump my Zoom through her it sounds fantastic. More than enough power to gig any club and if you can find one - GRAB IT! I had the 15-watt version of it but just got the 50-watt model - and the 4 - 6" transducers pump out a wall of sound. Also has built-in CHORUS, SHORT DELAY, LONG DELAY and FLANGER and all are customizable too.

p.s. I've dusted the old girl too and replaced one of the missing orange caps (on the knob) from my 15-watter before I gave it to a 15-year old kid here in Jax (another ampless dude I know from the neighborhood who needed it). I'm lovin' this baby and even though it's SS I get some amazing tones out of it. it loves pedals.

Does have a true LINE-OUT too so you can hook it to a computer LINE-IN - I do on my Mac and it's a lotta fun. Hard to find though - Ebay is the best bet.
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