so can anyone please recommend some fast acoustic instrumentals i should learn. i dont want anything slow and beautiful and all that crap, somethin fast and funky haha, thanks

Ug Irish Clan - Pog mo Thoin
How fast is fast? Paul Gilbert did an acoustic song called Flamenco on his Terrifying Guitar Trip dvd, it has some fast parts. Though it's not funky at all, more... Like... Flamenco?
You might want to check this dude out: Joscho Stephan. About as hot as you can get for acoustic guitar solos.


The same dude above giving Tommy Emmanuel a bit of a hiding in some dueling guitar playing! Several times Emmanuel just stops playing or reverts to rhythm cords because he just can't keep up!
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dueling ninjas by Trace Bundy!
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Learn Stream by Tim Reynolds. Fast, funky, and tons of room for improvisation.
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All that Remains have some fast parts.... but not really any whole songs...
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you can try andy mckee's version of don ross's "tight trite night" its pretty funky. or andy mckee's "art of motion" it has a fast main melody...
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Asturias, also, try listening to some Rod and Gab, pretty good stuff too.