i don't think it worked.
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wheres the option for it didnt work??

When starting the thread, in "additional options" underneath the message there is an option to click on, hat says "include poll" and a box for the number of otions you want. Make sure you click that
Scroll down and there's an add poll option under thread tools, if you haven't ticked the right box when you made the thread or just want to add one later.
Thanks guys for all the responses.

Actually, here's where I was confused. If you want to start a poll, you actually have to hit "submit" on your post before you're given the opportunity to put in poll options. That was a little ambiguous, so I wanted to test it here to make sure I wasn't going to inadvertently post a blank poll (like I did here, once I realized what happened I just left and went to the real poll)

Thanks for looking out though!