This is our band's new song , just tabbed it for gp , there are times when it might sound a bit repetiv though it is a bit varied through the lyrics ...
any kind of comment appreciated , c4c of course just leave me a link

Lash Out.zip
I liked it a lot, I'd love to hear it live. The 2nd bridge was my favorite part. I didn't like the guitar harmonics through out the song very much, they sounded either out of key on some parts and off time. Bars 102 - 103 were a very good build up to the interlude. The interlude is f**kin awesome, it seems like its telling a story. Bars 134 - 201 were very cool as well. The first bridge was alright, I liked the palm muting rhythm but the notes didn't seem to fit. All in all it was a good tune. 7.5/10
Intro is great, very melodic, very catchy.

That riff at 35 is sick, nice chugging.

78-79 was kind of out of place/unnecessary. I would just cut that.

Measures 80-101 acoustic rhythm was reminiscent of like, Pinball Wizard or something, cool stuff. Great transition back to the main theme.

The riff that starts at 125, is cool, but instead of just raising the pitch and playing the same thing, you could perhaps raise the note while playing in the same key? That would sound pretty cool. It's good either way, and serves its purpose well though.

Loved the stuff from 164 on! Nice sort of, celtic, inspired thing.

From 206 till before the ending, for the guitar playing an octave higher, you should throw in some other harmonized intervals, since octave isn't the most exciting.

Great ending, bringing it back to the beginning, slowing it down.

Overall 9/10, great stuff man. It would sound cool with maybe some vocals here and there, but it works great just as an instrumental!

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That was pretty sweet, I must admit. I think my favorite part was the outro. I liked how you took the intro riff and just played it through with acoustics. It was a nice way to conclude such an epic song. Other highlights were: intro, verses i & iv, and the solo.
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Intro was very catchy. I liked it. The clean guitar stuff before the solo was really cool as well. But the song picked up at the solo, it was great. The part after the solo was good to, it didn't really diminish the power of the solo which made it even better.

But, I didn't really like how that riff kept playing but at the same time it kind of had a fade out effect which was probably what you were going for. 8/10!