I've entered a "Shredfest" and one of the prizes is this Marshall. However, I have no idea which model it is. Anyone have an idea? Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Here is the link:

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some links, pics etc would help.
probably an MG.
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which marshall? forgot to post link
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it looks likea JCM2000 but I doubt it
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Yeah, its definately an AVT stack.

Its pretty useless unless you have a very poor amp currently - even the cabs aren't worth keeping if you want to use a better head. They are very poorly built, rubbish wood and the speakers aren't good either. They are also smaller than a standard 4X12 cab...
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Sell the amp and get a tube halfstack. AVT's aren't really TERRIBLE (unlike MG's), but they are very overpriced, especially considering the fact that you can get a tube amp that sounds much better for less.
I just checked the Marshall site and it is an AVT, so thanks. I'm not too worried about selling it, as I don't expect to win the contest, but stranger things have happended, so if I win I will probably sell it and the guitar to start my Mesa fund!

P.S. On another note, I'm sure this amp would still be 1000 times better than my current piece of ****, the MG15DFX!
The AVTs get a pretty bad rep on this site but some of them sound ok. The AVT50 sounds a lot better than the AVT100 and 150 though.