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The conclusion of my previous thread, if anyone cares! Sorry for poor camera angles and lighting, I was using my laptop's camera, since my phone got dropped in the sink recently! I'll take more when I find a better camera. Enjoy!


Guitar info:
PRS Custom 24 - Has a tremolo, I just took it off for the pics
Came with luxury PRS hardcase
Price - £1700
Also, I managed to snag a special deal for free that only lasts until the end of the month and was exclusive with only two shops in England (one of them happened to me 10 mins from me). For five years I get annual free factory set ups with fret dresses, intonation checks etc, I get 12 packs of free PRS strings each year, AND I get a PRS goodie bag that includes a T-Shirt and special strap amongst a few other things! Awesome!
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Nice. I see you did get the 24. =/

Either way, nice axe.

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PRS's are always sexy
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That thing is so pretty I'd be afraid to touch it. Nice buy.
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Your room.

Thats why i love England. I am kinda romantic/posh/avantgarde/stuff IRL and you room looks like something that i could love.
Oooh, sexy, treat her nicely!
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Your room.

Thats why i love England. I am kinda romantic/posh/avantgarde/stuff IRL and you room looks like something that i could love.

Haha! That's not actually my room, it's the guest room of the house.

I don't keep freaky china dolls in my room.

I never did find out how the hat got over the doll's face, I think it happened overnight somehow...
Like the look!
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custom 24?
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niiice, love the PRS birds

not a fan of the fact that those customs cost a kidney or 2, but PRS and Ibanez are the two brands which work the best for me ( I still wanna try caparisons, damn those bloody guitar stores which don't ave em -_- )

Treat her nice! and know that alot of people now envy you :P
*guitar musical orgasm*

im sorry, i thought that was necessary
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Extremely beautiful guitar! That is the Mark Tremonti signature? (I think I recognize the inlays but could be mistaken)
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Quote by 21Fretter
Extremely beautiful guitar! That is the Mark Tremonti signature? (I think I recognize the inlays but could be mistaken)

I think the Tremonti sig is a single cut model. But I'm not a Tremonti or PRS nut.

Nice guitar! Love the colour of the class of it! Gonna put up any sound clips?
I want that.
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PRS are gorgeous. Nice!

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wow that looks awesome

good choice, and I hope it makes you very happy
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Sexy looking guitar. Requesting urgent sound clips.
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Sexy looking guitar. Requesting urgent sound clips.

I like analogue Solid State amps that make no effort to be "tube-like", and I'm proud of it...

...A little too proud, to be honest.
You went for the 24 then

Thats a damn fine guitar, Good luck with it


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I'm not usually a PRS fan, but that is gorgeous. Congrats!
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sexy guitar. good choice.
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Pure sex, good work!

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