So I bought a Mesa Single Rectifier about a month ago and am currently using it by itself with my guitar. My friend says that I should look into an overdrive pedal, and EQ pedal and possibly a noise gate. What do you guys think? I also have a GT-8 which I definitely do not use as much as I planned on it when I first purchased it, would it be worth while to sell it for pedals to use with my recto? Thanks for your advice.
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You could get a maxon overdrive, mxr 10 band eq and isp decimator.
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Isnt there an EQ, and a noise gate on the GT-8? I havent used one at all so I'm just going by what i have heard about it. also supposidly you can bypass the modelling section (if im thinking of the right multi-fx) and just use it for the effects. as for an OD, the only reason you would really need one for is to tighten up the recto's low end. if you feel that you dont have that problem, then dont waste money. unless youd like to use it as a boost for soloing and what not.

also, if you like your sound, dont bother. i mean, yea, take your friends advice, but dont go out buying all willy nilly like if you dont think you need it. give the GT-8 another chance
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a foot switch and a wah and chorus and a delay maybe a eq or ns and a volume pedal
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