I love the intro, a lot like Machine head. Never a bad thing :P Could do with some work in the middle though as it sounds a bit sloppy. Otherwise top notch ^^
i thought it was pretty good. i really liked the intro chords on the piano and the entire outro from m98. not a huge fan of the phrygian soloing personally, maybe 'cause i hear it so much. still, the leads had feeling and definitely weren't mindless wank or constant sweeps. i felt the bass was a little dissonant in places, e.g. m19, 23, etc where it's playing an F# and the guitars are playing Gmaj. overall it has a dark, brooding feel and a memorable chorus. i don't like quantifying music into scores and crap 'cause it's so subjective, so i'm just gonna say for slow, kinda doomy metal it's quite good.