...and shown my friends and now have myself a band.

The band members all like how we're doing things and the bassist in particular is loving it. But I'm worried about the enthusiasm of the keyboardist and the drummer.

Any suggestions to counter act this?
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Write songs that don't suck.

And they might just be enthusiastic but not show it. I'm the same way.
Find out if they are truly enthusiatic discreetly, if they're not, secretly look for replacements then drop them when you find others.
do they have interesting parts to play?
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your drummer is not happy with them? is it a slow tempo song? or a really fast song?
als does your keybordist has any fun-to-play part?
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Try writing more material with the band.
Go to them with a basic idea for a song, just the beginnings of one, then get everyone to make suggestions for what should happen next, then take band votes for what stays and what goes, then put it all together and see what you come up with.
Your first few attempts may not be up to much, but as you get used to working this way you'll all get better and better at it, which will show in the songs.
This makes everyone more involved in the creative process of the band and creates enthusiasm. It also has the added advantage of taking pressure to come up with new material off any of the band's principle song writers (which, at moment, would be you)
Once you get the band working this way, there's nothing to stop you, or anyone else in the band, from occasionaly turning up with a completed song for the band to try out, but remember, don't just expect your band to automaticaly put a song you've written into the set, get them to vote on it, if the majority of the band want to play it, then into the set it goes.
If they don't want to play it, then either drop it, save it for later use, or try to re-work it with the band.
Songs that don't get accepted are far from useless, you may find that if you take the verse from one song and add it to the chorus of another song and maybe the middle 8 and other bits and pieces of other songs, it makes one really good complete song.
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That's great, but unhelpful
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Try more jam-oriented stuff. The drummer probably feels like he's just following you along. Jams allow the drummer more control, and can be more fun too.