How come so many guitars have volume knobs so close to the bridge pickup. That's where I usually have my pinky when I play. Because of just one knob, I'm unable to successfully play really great guitars like Schecters, Jacksons, ESPs, etc. Anyways, is there a reason why they stick it so close?
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you can pull the plastic knob off or get a small one for the pot shaft if it's in the way.

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makes it easier to perform volume swells with your little finger!
They seem to creep closer a little at a time. My 83 fender had plenty of space between the knob and pickup. MY newer squire it was right next to it. And a warmoth body I bought the volume knob was to close the ring slightly grazes the pickup ring. On a guitar with pickguard its not to hard to relocate the knobs lower. But the rear route warmoth no way to do it.