Hey, this is just sumthing i wrote (obviously)

Im half expecting to be slated like my last one was...

But anyway, performance-wise, its metalcore with AILD-style vocals


When It Goes To Hell, Will You Be Able To Forgive Me Properly?

You didn’t say goodbye
And we still walked away

And promise me
Not to overlook all we’ve done
And I swear
Not to think about the things I should never have said



The sky is falling on my head
And my tears
My tears are pooling at my feet
Joining with the blood
Our blood
Say you’ll forget
In the moment before we die
And we’ll stay like this forever
But your eyes
Your eyes are already dead
At least to me
Quote by ScarletStingers
dude this is good just no damn screamo or emo stuff just keep to metal

Yes. Listen to this man, for he obviously has an open mind.

To be honest, this piece feels very... fake. It seems to me that you were just writing as you go without really bothering to express a feeling or make a point.

That's just me; hopefully it holds a little more meaning to you and I'm just not picking it up in your writing.
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