Are these amps any good? My second guitarist is trying to decide which amp he should get between a Peavey Valveking, SC30 and the SC40. I've heard that the SC30 and SC40 use different tubes so have slightly different sounds.
Guitar: Epiphone Casino
Amp: Laney VC30-212
the sc20 and sc40 are more british voiced opposed to the more american voicing of the sc30 and sc50h.

i think.

I like the SC20 and 40, has a nice overdrive to it. There is probably better for the money though. What kind of sound is your second guitarist wanting?
Classic Rock and new Indie kinda stuff... nothing too high gain. He'll prolly end up getting a SC40 as he'd prefer it to be British Voiced as apposed American and it's within his budget, I think the only possible alternative would be a Laney Vc30, only I have one of those and he says that he doesn't want to 'copy me.'
Guitar: Epiphone Casino
Amp: Laney VC30-212
I use a Mark 5 (I think, it might even be a mark 6) SC50H and it's an awesome amp, pretty damn versitile too.

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if he has a large budget maybe a vox ac30 or orange rocker 30, they should cover those styles. doubt the valveking will. sc40 should be fine though