Just threw together this little mess around (and thats literally what this is) based around C Sharp.

Just basically made it up as I went along to try and get my tone recorded well.

Any feedback on the tone would be great

Link is in my profile.
Just a little bit too much gain. Back it off a tad or work to control the excess noise a bit better. The intro sounds like you are playing through a wah pedal set halfway down, kinda cool. Not my kind of tone, but not bad at all!
Agreed, little less gain.

Otherwise, it's not too bad.
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Thanks alot guys.

Yeah I thought there might be a bit much gain.

The first bit was indeed played that way, was me messing around as usual .
To be honest, it kind of hurt a bit. It didn't sound full at all, and was fizzy. I could see it working in a band situation with another guitarist and a bassist filling that lower end, though.