ok, so i found a site where i can download songs from a show i just recently saw, but there are different choices for each song, so my question is which format do i choose?
here are the choices:
Ogg Vorbis
64Kbps MP3
i just plan on puting them on itunes when i download them, so which would be best?
heres a link to the site if that helps
thanks a lot,
Flac = lossless CD quality....but takes up more space. Used extensively among the bootleg scene but I donnu, I can't hear the difference
Ogg Vorbis = good, but support is pretty poor among portable devices (but my iRiver does so I'm happy to use it )
64Kbps MP3 = pretty crap quality
VBR MP3 = this seems to be the standard for the music collections of almost everybody out there. works acceptably unless you have the hearing of a bat or are an anal retentive audiophile (refer to flac)
Choose VBR.. its better than CBR and ABR and has even better quality..
Dont mind taking 64kbps cause it sucks but its good in size

I dont suggest taking OGG or FLAC cause MP3 is always
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