I had this topic in another thread and it made me want to look this up, but I have a problem (or an observance, rather). My uncle gave me a 1970 US Fender Bullet. I asked on a different thread if it was like the Squire Bullets now and someone told me it was better than the Squier. I looked it up online and it says it was a "short-lived" guitar. It said that some look like Telecasters and some look like Strats but both have two single coil pickups. The one my uncle gave me has three pickups and looks like a Strat. He claims it was how he got it. Does anyone know anything about these guitars? I can try to upload pictures if you want. I'm just curious because it says they're made differently than mine is.
I went to wikipedia and searched for "fender bullet" and came up with this...

Quote by wikipedia
The new S-3 had a separate plastic guard, traditional hardtail bridge, and three single coils with a five-way switch.
uhhhh fender bullets didnt start manufacturing until the 80s so ur uncle is wrong
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