Ok, so I'm getting insurance on all my equipment because of the possibility of Hurricane Gustav hitting us. Now, I have a question, I have a '98 Gibson Les Paul Studio. Is it still worth the list price? Or would it be worth more or less? If so what would you estimate the price would be. I'm trying to give the insurance company an honest price.
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I would just give them the price I bought it for.
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You wouldn't list the price you think your house is worth, but rather the price you bought it for, give your insurance the price you bought it for.
Well, when I talked to them they said they want to cost to replace the instrument if damaged.
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For some strange reason, my insurance company said a list of my possessions wasn't necessary.
I know. They only asked me questions like: what fire district I was in, how close is the nearest hydrant, etc. It's renter's insurance, because I live in an apartment.