are you using firefox? if so press ctrl+shift+delete , then click on cookies and delete all of it and then it automatically deletes it. or if you dont trust me, click on tools, then clear private data
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no i mean i can't log off, hasn't this happened to any before?

and yes i have a dog sspunk


Nah, not happened to me before but the other day i just got an error every time i tried to do anything.. its probably just being failed

there's no harm in you being logged on right? just close your browser if it's annoying you..
No I get what he's saying, it's doing the same thing to me right now too. Which is annoying, cause I have two accounts and I just wanna check my other one.
They've got you, you can never leave MySpace.

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It's like having the best orgasm of your life ever, but in your brain, and the opposite of that.
1. Close browser
2. Never, ever go on myspace again
3. Go outside

Follow these three simple steps and you will be on your way to consolidating your loserness and you could have a life within five years!
*If you fail to keep up with your time not on the computer payments, any coolness you have will be repossed.