i just replaced the plastic pins in my acoustic with brass pins. however, when putting them in, some of the pins wanted to slide right out. i fixed this by putting small chunks of a low E string in the groove of the pin, but is there any other way to fix this/ is it safe having pins like that? they dont seem to be wanting to shoot out of the guitar but i dont want to be surprised

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The hole is too big for the pins you got. What you're doing will work though. I've also heard of using matchsticks to wedge in there.
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u need to bend your string end at an angle toward the neck so it will be able to anchor itself inside the bridge. then pull the string up until it hits the end of the inside and insert the bridge pin in all the way. it should hold pretty good then u might still have a little trouble though. hope that helps
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The acoustic I have wouldnt take any bridge pins. DOnt know if they were of a larger size to begin with or just the hole had enlarged. I had to buy oversized pins so they would stay in.
i think, like said, bending the string at the ball end, and then pulling up on the string as you push down a little on the peg usually does the trick unless the hole is stripped and needs a plug.

getting the string out again means pushing down on the string to get the pin to pull up.

also, next time wash the new pins with soapy water make sure you get all the oil and dirt off them.

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The stew mac oversize is what I got. I tried every bridge pin I could find at the local store all were loose. Even the oversize pins arent that tight.