Ok so ive kind of got to grips with some chord changes and now want to play some simple songs. I seem to have trouble with my strumming consistency. I will strum down and somtimes miss the low E string and strum up and miss the e and sometimes the b string. Is there supposed to be alot of wrist movement or do i keep it still and rigid ? How tight do i hold my pick ?
Use your arm to strum, less strain on your wrist. But use your wrist for picking.

If you have a hard pick hold it tight enough so you don't drop it but light enough it can just glide across the string. But I'd advise using a light pick when strumming.
Also a good idea to just practice strumming without any chord changes involved too because concentrating on chord changes may put you off your strumming pattern. So just sit there and practice strumming certain amounts of strings, etc - it should also help you to learn where each string is then without looking when a solo needs to be done, etc (which i am still having trouble with myself )
My advice is that you mostly use your arm to move the pick, not just your wrist. Make sure you grip the pick firmly but don't squeeze it too hard. Use fluid and consistent movements to strum. With fast picking use mostly your wrist.
I've been playing for 14+ years, and I use my arm and wrist together when strumming. I like to intentionally leave out some strings and give it some style when I'm strumming, so maybe that's why I strum like that. I've never really thought about or read about strumming technique.
i learned to strum first without a pick, it was softer, and less harsh sounding if i didnt hold my chord correctly. also, i would just sit in front of the tv, just strumming G-C-D. never stop your strum hand. dont let one hand know what the other is doing.
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