well.......the windy bit turns the tuning pegs so u can get it done faster and the snippy bit cuts off the excess string u hav when you hav finished restringing.
I have one and I can tell you it makes restrining a lot quicker. It's nota big expensive, but it's nice!
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Word of warning: Don't wind your pegs fast or
A) the string will snap
B) the tuning head will break

The latter happened to me using one of them
Just buy a cheapo string winder and some sidecutters, quality sidecutters last forever.
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That's it :|
thanks for the response's, i dont really want something to turn the tuning pegs as i can do it by hand easy enough, i thought they held the string in place tight whilst you wound it to save your fingers. I really just want the sidecutters, can you recommend some, i am in the uk so a uk site if you could please
thanks buddy, i'll keep those in mind for future reference, but i am gonna buy the peg winder now because i just read it also has a bridgepin puller aswell, i'll probably buy the cutters too.

thanks again
i have that. awesome and i say a must. not really but it's so useful.
it's mostly useful to unwind strings. cutting it, yeah that's really useful.
i love it.
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I have a string winder and the first time I used it I snapped the E string 4 times in a row lmao.

I haven't used it since.
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anyone know where the bridge pin puller is on this device, i cant work it out? Edit: just found it, its the U shaped opening on the actual winder, nearly started hacking at it with the cutter, lol
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