and i was wondering if anyone in the pit has seen him play live reunited with STP and tell me what the show was like? I already have a good assumption that he'll either be really high or really drunk (or both)...
so do you think it was a good idea spending $55.00 on tickets or have i just screwed myself?
I haven't seen him play with STP Reunited...
But I don't think it was a wise move buying the tickets
He's a douche bag, not just because of the way he left VR or whatever
I just generally hate him and his ego and his singing
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I saw them on the 23rd, and, they were tight. He kinda slurred some lyrics here and there, and messed up once or twice, but, it was a damn good show. Provided he shows up, you shouldn't be disappointed
Yeah i saw them back in july in Toronto...they came on half an hour late....scott was a little off but nothing to complain about, still a great show, his random comments were awsome
I saw them in march. Scott's perfomance was pretty damn good, as well as Dean and Robert's. The best concert I've been to in awhile, actually.
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