Hello chaps,

A bit shy about this, but here's the lyrics to one of our songs.

You can check the song Iron Mongers here. The verse starts at 0:41 and then the progression will be easy to figure out.



Verse 1 Pt.1

Raging fire chasms, affordance of your worldly fate,
Battle weary masses, the passage to your future waits,
Children of revulsion, cannot this serfdom seek me out?
Retaliation ominous, the capture of the coven's eyes!

Verse 1 Pt.2

Running to far beyond, my damning mind is blind,
Misty the morn will be for where the sun will shine,
Mourning the losses felt, and where the soul will die,
Virtues and symbols seen and soon the mother cries!


Violence! And fortune is told, which shall be stained by youth!
Heaven! A portal, I'm standing for another life!
Hades! The sinful will fall condemned to hell on earth!
Vermin! The vermin will crawl to see the new rebirth!


Iron Mongers!
Iron Mongers!
Iron Mongers!
Iron Mongers!

Verse 2 Pt.1

Flailing from the zeppelins, and hanging from the skin of teeth,
Grenadiers silence screams of the fighters fading last goodbyes,
Riches pass from fathers, and laid down to the resting wreath,
The risen from horizons, the warring nations' last reprise

Verse 2 Pt.2

Flowing the blood will stain, and fleeing from demise,
Raining the scars will burn, and screaming through the nigh,
Closing, inalterable and injustice for the thrall,
Princes of darkness rise and culling one and all!


Judgement! Blackened are skies as hordes of Nox arrive!
Eden! The apple of curses for the serpent's sire!
Erebus! The son of Chaos to where we see His Day!
Massacre! And Aether forays and so the war pigs fly!



Iron Mongers!
Iron Mongers!
Iron Mongers!
Iron Mongers!


Guitars -
ESP V-500 w/EMG 81/85
Jackson Mark Morton Signature Primer

Amps -
Marshall JCM 2000 TSL 60 Head
Marshall MS-2 Mini-Amp

Pedals -
Line 6 PodXT Live
Blackstart HT-Dual Valve Distortion