oook, so i'm currently playing on an Ibanez RG 305, love the thing, but want something new. I was something preferably with EMG 81-85's in it, or another form of active pickups, but i play in a metal band, so i need something with good heavy tone, and i would like a floyd rose so i can mess with sounds like that, but i'm afraid i'll get sick of it like i did my last one.. oh well.. suggestions for a good guitar? something that'll last a long time, good quality, and good resale value? Currently i'm thinking the Schecter Black Cherry Hellraiser with a Floyd and EMG's, but a local guitar shop guy told me the resale value on those blow, so i'm not too sure.
please and thanks..
Iunno, if you love the guitar and you just want EMGs in it, why not just buy the pickups and install em if you know how to souder, or take it to a shop if you dont?
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