Hey guys, I'm looking for the name and tabs to this song by Hillsong. The only description i can give is that there is a break down of silence and then 1 lead guitar comes in. He slides backwards it sounds like and plays around a total of like 5 notes, But its so heart hitting. I know this is a bad description, I have just heard it during prayer at our church. So anyone able to help?
sorry man, i could help you out if you could give me more of a description, try askin whoever was playing the song at your church, or look through the tabs for songs with a breakdown/slide like that
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I tried man, and lookin at videos, It would take days. I guess i could ask lol. But i just feel so dumb because thats all i have. And now that i think of it im not even sure it was hillsong. I cant remember, this sucks