Hey I need some amp advice. I play a lot of different rock styles and some alternative. I need some distortion and nice clean would be nice too. I've checking other threads and everyone says a peavey classic 30. My friend is getting one so I don't want to look like an idiot and get the same one. Any other suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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How bout a classic 50?

Lol. Nice. I'm looking in the price range of around 500-650-ish
Traynor YCV50 lol. Get it on ebay. Last time I checked, this seller company is selling these amps in new condition for $599.99 and they are great amps as many people speak highly of them especially for the 600ish rpice range.
"(Monster cable)....oh they're durable. You can
tie up people with it

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Traynor YCV50 is known for great cleans and a marshally overdrive. Can't really go wrong with that
"(Monster cable)....oh they're durable. You can
tie up people with it

- Slash
Classic 30 is a good choice, maybe a Valveking 112 too. look into Laney VC or LC series.
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Search your local craigslist. Great amps pop up all the time cheap. The traynor is a good amp for what you want to do. $400-$450 usually. Also check out a peavey delta blues or a hot rod deluxe. Those are very good classic rock amps around the $400 used price. Get a good od with the HR tho, the drive is meh on those things.