Hey guys. Looking for a pedal that would fit my needs. I would probably distortion pedal, but flange also looks good. I play all kinds of rock and alternative. Any good distortion pedals or otherwise?
well, distortion and or OD's are all up to your taste, and there are a lot in that price range. for modulation, i would always start with a good chorus( small clone ::cough-cough:, and perhaps a phaser(phase 90 ::cough cough: also. are you looking for a wah also?
Can you explain to me what a chorus and a phaser do because this would be my first pedal. Also do you have any examples of a good distortion pedal? Thanks.
a chorus takes your signal, creates sounds above and below the note, and adds them to the clean signal, creating a surrounding effect. think of having one vocalist singing middle C (clean signal) and then add about 40 people singing the same middle C(effect signal).

a phaser takes the sound, and using soundwave patterns i believe, 'phases' the sound in and out volume wise, creating a swelling-effect of the sound. think reggae. or swooshy, spacey sounds.
for the distortion, the boss ds-1 is a standard in my opinion. the ds-2 adds a good bit to the heaviness, but is a little more money wise. also, the ibanez TS-9 is a great pedal, and it sounds like the TS-808 is out price range wise (and i have heard that it can be a bit sketch). i have no experience with the digitech distortions. i would look at all the possibilites that you can find and test out....just stay away from the cheap danoelectro pedals.
How do you guys like the Boss DS-1? I was lookin' at guitarcenter and it was like the most sold pedal there so...