I'm looking for a tube amp for bedroom practice and maybe some band practices. I do have a job, but have other things to payoff, so i don't want to spend the money on a good tube stack. I play mostly metal/punk stuff, so i want something with a rich and heavy gain.

So i was recommended a Krank Rev JR. halfstack. Ive played a Krank rev +1 at guitar center only for a few minutes and it sounded pretty nice, and im wondering if anyone else thinks Krank is a good brand? Also if anyone owns, or has enough experience with the Rev JR and can tell me if its what i want, or worth buying against a tube combo.

So basically im wondering if the Krank Rev JR is worth buying over any other tube combo for under $1,000.

Also, this might sound like a silly question, and i think i know the answer but...
Is 20 watts enough power to gig with for a tube amp?
I have a Krank Rev Jr. and let me tell you, you won't be disappointed if you are looking for big booming sound in a small package. I don't know what sort of punk tone you are looking for, but for metal it can't be beat.

As far as gigging, I think it would hold up well. It's only 20w, but It is LOUD, especially if you put the boost on. I will overtake a drummer for sure.
ive heard good things about them. definitely try before you buy, though
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yeah ive heard good things about them as well, and i will definitely try before i buy
im also wondering, do these sound the same as the normal full size revolution heads?
I have a Krank Rev Jr and it's great. For bedroom practice though ,I have been using a distortion pedal in front of it for high gain / low volume situations. I love the tone, but some people really don't. So it's worth it to try it out in person.