Couldn't find anything when i searched for it. So what should I look for when buying one? I am very anxious to learn how to play. I don't need a professional one btu like a mid-level one. I don't want to spend more than 500 USD.
My buddy has a nice Epiphone one. It's less than 500 lol.
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The F-Style mandos are more expensive. They've got a wavy headstock and a curled body and look kind of goofy. Look for A-Style.

I got one from my friend last Christmas. It's a Dean A-Style, and she said it cost $250. Don't go for Fender or Gibson or anything. Not yet.
I have a Crafter M-70E and it's pretty nice. I spent around $300-$350 CDN on it I think. It is shaped more like a guitar and has an ovation style body on it. Also has a pickup in it. It gives a really nice tone for the price and it is really loud unplugged.
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