i just got my new acoustic guitar today, it was only 200 dollars, but i tried washing the sticker remains off the pick guard with a sponge and now i have a dull 1.5 inch scratch circle right on my pick guard, does any one kknow how to get this off easily? like without going out and buying scratch stuf and sand paper. and is there a way to make it shiny again?
its a pickguard its not like theres a giant hole in your guitar.... wait
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The pickguard is there to get scratched. It protects the wood itself. Don't worry about it.
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well it is a pick GUARD so its supposed to get scratched by stuff, but if it bugs you that much, rub some brasso on there, it'll get ride of the scratch because its kind of like a liquid sandpaper. but it mite smell bad for a while.
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