how much would you pay for for a one hour lesson taught by the musician of your choice whether they are dead or alive.

for me, i would pay for a lesson by jimi hendrix and i dunno how much i would pay $5k+ i think.
steve vai, but only for around 100$ because i'm poor right now
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I'd sell my soul for an Adam Jones lesson. He's the only reason I began to play guitar.

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Rusty Cooley, he'd teach me some cool sweeps. I wouldn't pay more than £20 though, guitar lessons aren't worth more than that.
i would get taught by lil wayne... i wouldnt pay though id just blaze him... he rocks out on teh guitar in lollipop:P
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Every guitarist.

They'd pay me.
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I'd pay a thousand dollars for a lesson from Kirk Hammet. But only so I could smash his wah-wah pedal.
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jimis great and all, but he didn't really know any theory or anything, he just knew what sounded sick and how to make what was in his head come out on the guitar.

for me id say clapton because hes my idol and hero and i would pay at least 100,000 dollars if i had a lot of money. but im broke
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I'd pay a thousand dollars for a lesson from Kirk Hammet. But only so I could smash his wah-wah pedal.

lmfao you are my hero!!!
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Trent Reznor - €5000 (most i can afford right now!)
Gotta learn some of his cool production techniques!
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I'd pay a thousand dollars for a lesson from Kirk Hammet. But only so I could smash his wah-wah pedal.

What if he has 2?
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prolly John Frusciante.
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any successful guitarist with a theory background

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jimi- $5k

SRV- $4k

Billy Corgan (but mostly for composing lesson)- $1k
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I'd pay over a grand to have a lesson with Robby Krieger.

Be awesome just to be in the same room.
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tom morello, $50 because i don't think i would want to pay more then that for a guitarist to teach me something
Alive - Tom Morello
Dead - Jimi Hendrix

And since I don't have much money, I'd run out of the lesson when I have to pay up!
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I'd sell my soul and live in a box on a street corner all my life for guitar lessons from Kurt Cobain, The only reason I play guitar.

That may sound crazy, but I would...
I would pay 3k for a keith richards lesson he is the best rythym guitarist alive IMO *flame shield*
when i said i wanted a lesson from jimi, i wouldn't limit myself to just guitar. i think the way he looks at music and life are very cool. also, i'm sure he would give me an autograph which i could then sell for like what, 100,000 dollars? lol
I would pay $50 for lessons from Jimmy Page. He's my biggest inspiration, and just to be in the same room with him would be awesome.

But I'd only pay $50 because I wouldn't be able to understand a f**king word he says with that British chimneysweeper accent of his.
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john frusciante must teach me the secret to his funkiness.

i would pay him in the cheese snack of his choice (hopefully it's cheetos). as much as he wants.
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i'd sell my girlfriend (who i love dearly) for a lesson with trent reznor.
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John Petrucci. Not sure how much I would want to pay, but nothing unreasonable.
Satch, since he was a teacher.
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