... i have just been looking at these for bedroom practice and I noticed that the 'Clean Channel" is modelled on the Roland JC120.

My question is, will this clean channel function in the same was as the JC120? What I mean is, the Roland JC120 is known as a great amp for modelling pedals and the such (im sure they used JC120s when Boss demo'd the GT-8) so will the Cube's JC120 channel react in the same way, and effectively be a cheaper way of getting the usefulness of the JC120s clean sound for multi-fx? Would a GT-8 or similar sound the same on the cubes JC120 as it does on the actual JC120? (aside from speaker and cabinet differences)

On a second note, does the cube 30x take pedals well? Would my Boss SD-1 be redundant if I got one of these, could I use a separate delay pedal?

(i used the search bar but couldnt find anything. Please link me to something if the 1st question has already been asked, and ill close this thread)
modeling amp+pedals=not so great tones.

and the fact that the clean is modeled after the jazz chorus doesn't make it the jazz chorus.
modeling amps dont take pedals well. HOwever, for a raw, metallica-like riffing distortion, a metal zone plugged into a cube 60 set to acoustic setting is perfect and identical to a kill em all sound.
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does anyone know if the vibro champ xd by fender takes pedals well? Im assuming that is technically modelling, but it is a valve amp. Will pushing the amp with an OD have the same effect it has on a valve amp?

I figured there is no point in me making a new thread, ill ask it here
I have the cube 30 and the jc is GREAT clean, but, by itself....distortion pedals dont sound too good on it, they sound great on the black panel channel though

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