I was originally going to do a HSS setup on one of my strat copies. I realized I don't use the middle single coil often enough to buy one. I have a few ideas:

Wire it up HSS, buy a humbucker and single coil for the neck, put the crap single coil in the middle. (Will having 2 nice pickups and a bad one in the middle have any effect?)

Wire it up humbucker in bridge and single in the neck. (I've been looking on Seymour Duncan and can't find this config.)

Either way I want to have the pickups (either HSS or HS), 1 volume, 2 tones, and a switch of some sort (5 way for HSS or a toggle for HS).

Any suggestions or help? I guess I would rather go with the HS, 1 vol, 2 tones, and toggle. I'm just not sure how to wire it up.
I think you can take the HSS diagram and just put a 3 way instead of 5 way