hey guys

i am in the middle of wiring up the guitar i built and i am doing some stuff i havent really seen to often before. unfourtunately im not really sure how to do some of it so maybe some of you guys could help.

the guitar is going to be wired in stereo. each pickup is wired completely seperately so that the signals never go into mono. is there a way to wire a switch that will coil split both pickups but not meld the two signals together?

also, my guitar has no need for volume pots considering i never use them. how do i wire straight from the humbuckers to a tone pot to the jack?

any and all help will be greatly appreciated.
if i made a wiring diagram of what i did, would somebody be able to tell me what i did wrong because nothing is coming out of the guitar at all
You can split both humbuckers with one DPDT on-on switch, and it will not blend the signals. Wire it like so...


The O's are open lugs, the G's are ground, B is the two split wires from the bridge (normally connected to each other, but nothing else), N is same as B but for the neck.