Hello all!


I am moving away from North Carolina and I need to get rid of this cabinet before the end of september.
It is 300 watts; four 75w greenbacks.

I can ship it anywhere and would like half of the shipping

I haven't ever played it outside a jams at my hosue, but a suppose it sounds amazing in clubs or venue depending on the head. I used a Mesa Boogie through it and the crunch was superb!

Marshall site-
The 1960A is switchable from mono [4 or 16 Ohms] to stereo [8 Ohms per side], and is equipped with Celestion G12T-75 speakers.

The highest quality woodwork includes the "corner locking" of each and every joint. This helps give Marshall cabinets the incredible strength and durability, which has become as legendary as the Marshall sound itself.

Heavy-duty Grab Handles are fitted to all Marshall cabinets. Their tough, ergonomic recessed casing design gives easy access to the bar of the handle without affecting the cabinet's smooth lines.

No sharp metal edges or rough fittings - the smooth ABS plastic Marshall corner fits perfectly and offers excellent protection to all 8 cabinet corners.
Technical Info
Black grille cloth

White piping

Black elephant grain vinyl

Speaker: 4 x 12 in. G12T-75

Power: 300 watt

Impedance: 4 or 16 ohms mono/8 ohms stereo

Dimensions: 760 x 830 x 360mm

Weight: 36.4 kg

I've already sold the Marshall head, so that is not in the sale!!!
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wrong place dude, try the classified forum
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