i like to play a lot of classic rock, rock, alternative, and some metal not to hardcore though. So here is my setup i'm probably going to invest in. need opinions.

here's my guitar i have.


i'm replacing the amp with


or the double speaker v18

planning on getting a tremolo pedal, distortion (or overdrive), boss's DD-7,

sound good?
For your music tastes...you'd be better off with an Epi Les Paul. They're fairly cheap, and they sound awesome. Plus, you just can't beat the look =P
Oh yeah pretty nice thingy you got there, but 18w and one 12'' is more than enough if you're still at that level I'd say. You could keep your leftover money to buy a new guitar, what kind of sounds are you afeter ? Because this little tube thing is pretty rad if you put a strat before it, but of course if you want to play anything with more gain than acid-drenched smoke-induced hard rock it won't do, anyways, put out some specs. Pedals always sound the same: FAKE, besides pedals that fatten up tube saturation.

EDIT: and yeah, an epi les paul would also do the thing, depends on the fact that you either want a crying crystal-clear voice (strat) or a more growling palm-mute-able sound that's more rounded (lp), keep in mind that the lp is something like a hundred bucks higher than a mexican-made strat (pretty good values if you pick up a well-finished one)
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well i have had my guitar for 3 months now and already need to get a new one? lol its not that bad in my opinion.