So im in the market for a new guitar. I really like the look of this laguna guitar:

Laguna LG Series LG4CEBUB Cutaway Acoustic Electric Guitar


Its in my price range and has a solid top back and side. The only problem is there are only like 4 reviews online anywhere about this guitar and they are vague and unhelpful at best. I know someone out there must own this or know more about Laguna. All i know is that they used to be called brawley. I would really like to know if they make quality instruments, one worthy of a 500dollar+ purchase. I would really appreciate anyones input, maybe even hear from someone who sells guitars. And If anyone has a better suggestion for a better 500 dollar acoustic electric with a solid body. I would be happy hear your ideas.
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New on the market. Probably Chinese because they don't say where they are made. Doesn't mean they are bad guitars though.
i had one for a while...it wasnt too bad but i could never reach anyone for customer service, which is a big deal for me if im going to own a product...look into breedlove...their atla series is all on sale and you can get a really nice guitar for around $500 and it comes with a case or bag that is unmatched...customer service is top notch and sound is fantastic....
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