anyone know of a site that has jpgs of fender/gibson/whatever neck shapes at 1st, 12th fret etc..? im talkinga bout profiles and stuff, not headstocks... you cut it out and shape your neck too it.
This is exactly what I need too... Was gonna make a thread myself. Would be enormously helpful.
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F**k Gibson and Fender! just carve it until it feels right. I dont use templates at all. My necks arent symetrical and the shape changes as you go up the neck. If you think about it the shape of your hand changes the further you go up the neck so I carve mine to allow for that. I usually have it as an off set D thats slightly fatter on the treble side. Its much more comfortable IMHO.
The Ibanez U.K site has measurements for their neck profiles.
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I just cut until it feels right too. I don't like V shape necks they cramp my thumb. I have a slight v shape on my ovation and I think I'm gonna modify it one of these days.
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i'd just shape it to my preferences. actually you can use templates as guidelines and modify from there.
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