i got an email telling me i won some sort of 1000 dollar gift card for walmart.

i ask the pit the chances of it being legit.

it asked for email and shipping info.

i havent sent the info though.
id like to know if i should do it.

1000 dollars in stuff sounds tempting
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always google your emails if you think it's true.
Don't get tricked by these scams.

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It's fake. If you give them your address they are going to send you a lot of junk mail, probably about how to make your penis larger.
I have like 27 unread messages that say I have won a 1000 usd wal-mart giftcard
does that help?
for the love of god it is spam
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it's legit

do what it says.

then promptly delete your system32 file, as it is a virus