Please leave crit for both songs.
I can return.

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A tad... Sloppy?
Sounds to me like your drummer's letting you guys down.
It's down to the drummer to keep time, and he's not doing a very good job of it.

Nice guitar sound too, both of you.
And not half bad playing. I really dig the lead **** at 1:44 or so.

Your vocalist's pretty badly off time. And not that great either. His lows are flabby and incomprehensible, his mid and high range sounds like Tommy from Between The Buried And Me gone wrong.
Tommy manages the nasal sound because he's forceful as ****, coherent, and solid in his pitch, it doesn't wobble unless he wants it to. He's in total control, and a vocal style that wouldn't work for many people works for him, but only because he's obviously in control of his vocal chords.
Your guy doesn't sound like he's got his vocal chords on a leash.
There's no attack to any of his growls or screams. It kinda just fades in, then out. His pitch wobbles all over the place too.
He's by no means TERRIBLE, but they need work. But he can put in all the work he wants, but it's futile unless there's some soul there. This guy needs to WANT to be the best, he needs to feel like he can't go on living unless he's the best metal vocalist out there.
People with an ear for passion will hear it, at the minute it just sounds a tad lazy, and a tad soulless and unpassionate.
But potential none the less.

As much as this post is epic so far (I have a habit of doing that, sorry haha,) this is by no means a bad thing. You guys are pretty good, but you could be a lot better. The biggest difference you can make is tightening up. Your drummer needs to practice to a click. Get him a metronome and some headphones and let him practice the songs in his own time TO A METRONOME. There will be a difference very quickly.
It should come easily for all of you then.

Nice guitar tone, nice songs, nice potential *thumbs up*
7/10 for everything

Crit mine?

Wow, thanks for the in depth post.
The drummer was recording to a midi track so it's the rest of the band that's not staying in time. And I realise it's pretty bad in a couple parts.
I might show our vocalist what you've said too.
Thanks again for the post.
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thanks for the crit man, i checked out both songs. liked what i heard. quality is good, but yeah the guitars are a bit off time with the drums. as for vocals, my only criticism is that i cant understand a single word he's saying :P like the combination of melody and brutality in the songs!
In the first song the drummer's doing a lot of offbeat, almost polyrythmic playing, maybe that's why everyone's saying he's off. I realise the guitars are out in places but to me the drums are spot on.
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ENGL Blackmore Sig.
Marshall 1960A Cab
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the vocals need to be more in your face,
but i could see them getting better!
maybe a few more drum fills and more double bass
on "Hold your thoughts" i liked the part at 2:40 and also the guitar riff at 0:40.

"too close to the sun" has a nice intro, but again the vocals need a little work.
kinda has that dethklok vibe. The guitar parts took sometime to write and it sounds like yall are serious about your music.

i definately see some potential

also, please comment on my band

Hold Your Thoughts:

well, the idea is good, it can be a good death metal song ... if you manage to play as a band! hehe I mean, get in time! guitar and drums are out of time completely

around 03:00 it reminded me some song from Sentenced, anyway I found it a bit cheesy compared with the rest of the song

the vocals are great, I wish I could sing like that