So my band is playing our first gig tommorrow, a open mic night deal at a local pub. Were playing 40 oz of Freedom- Sublime and Time - Pink Floyd.

Just wondering if there like any big mistakes to avoid, important things not to forget that I'm likely to or anything like that.


covers are a no no in my book

unless you wanna keep playing nothing but open mic nights
write some music

its very rare where a band can be recognized for covers
Unless your drummer has roto-toms and you guys have 15 alarm clocks, don't do Time.
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you guys could do covers for your first show just to get experience but after that work on written material
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My band does time without alarm clocks, and its a good cover, so stfu.

agree, yea so my dummer called me up this morning and doesnt feel confident in his abilities to do the show so hes bailing

which means the show is going to be a interesting time

and yea were doing cover just for gigging experience, we literally pulled this band together in a week as a sort of end of summer send off
I'll just address your original question instead of going on about whether covers or Time are good choices :P

That's a pain your drummer dropped out, you'll find more and more as you play music that people will wimp out all the time, especially at the initial stages of a band. No worries though, you'll be able to get experience with the other band members anyway whilst fairy stick man sooks at home.

Make sure you guys get up on stage feeling happy and relaxed and make sure that you've practiced the songs so that you don't even have to think about them. Beforehand run through your set a couple of times including any band introduction that you wish to do. This way you can just get up and do your thing, and not worry about what comes next.

If you make a mistake (bad note/chord etc.) don't stop and feel embarrassed - hold it! This way it is no longer a mistake, but intentional and "artistic"

Oh and have fun - make eye contact with the audience and get into it!