So I have a '99 Firebird with a stock head unit... It sounds ok but I'd like more bass... So I bought 2 10' subs from a buddy and an amp to power them. I don't want to replace the head unit for a while, but it doesn't have RCA outs on it.

So my question is, would it work to hook the amp up to the power supply and then instead of hooking it to RCA outs from the head unit to hook it to speaker outs?

would that **** my **** up?

Thanks in advance
you might as well replace the headunit with it it will make a load of difference on your sound

I unfortunatley drive a car where there is no aftermarket in the audio so i had to custom fab a WHOLE center console for my headunit/ac then i had to get all new speakers, which i had custom done i have a total of 15, 2 15 inch woofers in the back 4 tweeters 2 10s and 1 8 inch 2 6x9s in the doors 2 6x9s in the rear seats and 2 6x9s in the roof pointing to the front it makes a surround sound feel. i love it

but the cost? i've put in 1.4k in just the stereo and custom work lol
well im lookin at head units... i' think i'll get a new one...

But the problem is, my stock unit takes up 2 spaces but i want a single space head unit. it'll look terrible
Quote by zakkwyldefan79
the mounting kit that fits your car will fill up the extra space and make it look good.

probably a n00b question, but where could I find said mounting kit. its a 1999 Pontiac Firebird
Definitely do NOT buy one of those P.O.S. Wal-Mart kits or harnesses. They stock like 8-10 different "universal" kits and harnesses. Trust me, those crappy universal glue together kits are not worth the trouble. Go to somewhere that handles real car audio, preferrably one that does installation. And universal harnesses are an even worse idea. My family owns a retail store, and we install anything we sell. We stock hundreds of different dash kits and harnesses for head unit installation, and that only covers the more common models. The first thing we do if someone brings one of those Wal-Mart kits in for us to put in their vehicle is throw it in the trash, and use a functional kit that is specific to your make, model and year of vehicle.
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