I just listened to some clips of it on youtube.....sounds really sweet. anyone UG'ers familiar with it?
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Theyre really nice. But honestly if your not in a hurry get on the list for one, its a few months but you only pay like 150 (i think) people sell em for around 250 all the time because people dont want to wait on the list.
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I want one.
I wonder if the tube one is worth the extra cash.
Call me Wes.
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The wait time on the zendrive is down to two months now IIRC.
The zendrive is excellent, very dynamic and throaty. I liked the Mosferatu more because I didn't feel like the Zendrive had enough gain. The wait for a mosferatu is much longer than a zendrive- I ordered both at the same time and the Mos took twice as long.
Both of these pedals have a very smooth, throaty distortion. It's very musical and fits in a lot of applications. The thing I don't like about both of them is that they sound like pedals. With some very nice OD pedals (Eternity, KoT, etc) the pedals sound like part of the amp. The Hermida pedals are great but definitely sound like pedals.
Quote by darkarbiter7
I want one.
I wonder if the tube one is worth the extra cash.

Ha biggest joke EVER. The tube is just replacing the clipping diodes.

I built one a while back, I am very happy with mine. Very dynamic.
^yeah, even Alf is pretty slow to recommend the tube model. From what I hear it's barely different than the standard Zen, and much harder to fit on the pedalboard.